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Supplies for Schools Premium Cartridges cost up to 50% less than 'originals' and come with the best guarantee in the industry.  


Make the change to a better compatible cartridge with complete confidence and no risk.

  Save up to 50% and do your bit for the planet

  • The same print quality as originals - guaranteed
  • The same page yield as originals - guaranteed
  • Respected SwanMark environmental accreditation - no 'greenwashing' here, our claims are proven.
  • Quality Guaranteed and Certified to ISO 9001, ISO140001 and IECQ QC080000
  • A lower failure rate than many original brands
  • Our unique 2 year manufacturing guarantee
  • 90 day no quibble money back guarantee


 Choose the greener option.

  • It takes up to 5 litres of crude oil and huge amounts of energy to make the plastic casing for a toner cartridge.  This is the bit we re-use, so no oil or energy is needed.  How many cartridges do you get through each year - 5, 50, 100?  Multiply by 5 to get the litres of oil you could save just by switching.
  • There are some critical components inside every cartridge which do affect print quality and reliability - we replace these components with new items so you get the reliability you need.
  • Using our cartridges has no effect on your printer warranty. Original printer cartridges are hugely profitable for the big corporations, so of course they'd like you to worry about the 'risks' of switching to compatibles.
  • You can recycle your empties at your local plastic recycling point or we'll collect them for free when you have 20 or more.
  • The manufacturer of our cartridges also makes substantial annual donations to education and health charities.


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